Rush the Growler

February 19, 2016- The Great Guinness Toast

We didn't go on until after midnight, but we had a chance to perform on the stage in the Emerald Room.  That means we've played on all three stages at the Buffalo Irish Center now.  This year marked our 6th Guinness Toast.

April 6, 2016- Buffalo History Museum

At the Buffalo History Museum, before a panel discussion of the Fenian Invasion, we were priveledged to be able to play a half hour of Fenian songs in the State Court area. Most of what we played came from 1866 songsters published for the Fenians themselves.

April 7, 2016- Penny Lane Cafe, Clarence, NY

Open mike night.

April 15, 2016- Ancient Order of Hibernians

We had the honor of performing for the Ancient Order of Hibernians for their annual 200 Club Raffle, at the BuffaloIrish Center.

April 16- 2016- Penny Lane Cafe, Clarence NY

August 21, 2016- Buffalo Niagara Scottish Festival

Our first time to play at the Scottish Festival, but we hope it won't be the last!  We had a great time playing our Scottish favorites- from songs about Bonnie Prince Charlie tosongs by Andy M. Stewart.

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